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Mediation Rates

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Mediation Hourly Fees:

2 Party* Cases $200.00 Per Party/Per Hour

3 (or more) Party Cases $250.00 Per Party/Per Hour*Parties are defined by representation regardless of the number of participants. Unrepresented parties constitute a single party. For example, two plaintiffs that are represented by the same attorney in a single case equal one party. Two unrepresented plaintiffs equal two parties.

Cancellation Fee: A charge of 2 hours will be applied to all voluntary cancellations that occur within 48 hours of the mediation.

Additional Time: If additional time is required for document review, research, written findings of fact/law, etc., the fee will be the same hourly rate.

Travel Time: A $175.00 hourly fee plus reasonable out of pocket expenses will be charged for any travel time to and from mediations held outside of the Athens-Clarke/Oconee County geographic area.

Billing Agreement: All charges will be shared equally among all Parties, unless otherwise agreed in writing. Rates may be adjusted for special situations. The fee will be agreed upon in advance.